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Name Department Phone Role Email
Colleen Vick Admin (253) 571-2555 Office Manager
Kainoa Higgins Admin (253) 571-2573 Co-Director
Zach Varnell Admin (253) 571-2561 Co-Director
Andrew DeGoade Design   Illustration
Han-Yin Hsu Design   Design hhsu@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Samuel Jhon Design   Electronic Music
Blake Hansen Engineering   Engineering
Dave Cutter Engineering   Engineering Program Manager
Doss Bradford Engineering   Computer Science and Engineering
Jason Bommer Engineering Community Partner Ansys, Inc.
Jennifer Boutell Engineering   Computer Science
Johnny Devine Engineering   Engineering
Ken Luthy Engineering   Robotics
Kelilah Anders Foreign Language   French
Ashley Miraflor Foreign Language,
Amy Alwert Humanities   Humanities
Benjamin Warner Humanities   Humanities
Dave Mylet Humanities   Humanities
Melissa Moffett Humanities   Humanities
Dion Schell Humanities   History
Kevin Heinrich Math   Math kheinri@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Mari Thiersch Math   Math mthiers@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Peter Rutter Math   Math and Circuit Design
Chris Ford Physical Education   Fencing
TeAire Bell Physical Education   Fitness
Kaitlin Gardiner Science   Biochem
Lauren Anderson Science   Biochem and Apiary
Linnea Bostrom Science   Physics and Chemistry
Brady Bekker Student Services   Next Move and TIME
Clarissa Honeck Student Services   Special Education
Jaleesa Trapp Student Services   Propel STEM Camp
Joyce Ells Student Services   Nurse
Kissy Rose Student Services   School Psychologist
Lawrence Bennett Student Services   Campus Security
Linda Seferian Student Services   Social Worker
Rachel Skye Student Services   Special Education
Terrell Hawkins Student Services   Student Services and TIME
Erica Henson Student Services      
Jared Rogers Admin